I have had the pleasure of working closely and learning from Ms. Emily Austein. Emily is not only one of the most knowledgeable clinicians I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from, she is also the most dedicated. Emily makes it her priority to tailor your care and treatment to your needs and guides you through any challenge you may face. She is a dedicated clinician with a particular gift of challenging you while supporting you in order to bring out of you your truest self so that you can heal, grow, and reach your true potential. She is also a gifted speaker and works well with any individual regardless of age, gender or issue. Emily is truly a gift to the profession
— Jackelin Santiago,LCSW
It was my pleasure to work with Emily Austein for two years at the Trinitas Adolescent MICA Partial Hospital Program. Emily demonstrated her skill and sensitivity as a clinician under what are often very challenging circumstances. I found her openness to dialogue and growth to be refreshing and I was sad to see her go. Were the opportunity to present itself I would gladly refer patients to Emily including friends or family.
— Brian Boyle, LCADC
Emily is a dedicated professional who has the ability to connect with clients of all ages and is not afraid to take on challenging cases.
— Monique Françoise Hendricks, Family Services League
Emily Austein, LCSW, is one of the most dedicated and intelligent people I have had the privilege working with. Her and I worked closely for several years, and I was able to see the passion she has about the clients she works with. When working with clients, Emily gets to know the whole person, their needs, and directs her work to best benefit them. She is caring, compassionate, and easy to connect with. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Emily.
— Melissa Ferra, MSW, LCSW
It’s great to see a new generation of psychotherapists who are present and proactive, firm and caring. No longer the inscrutable, distant clinicians of the past, but practitioners with insight and warmth. Emily Austein is one of this crop, and I hope you will consider her if you or a loved one requires treatment.
— Andrew Nargolwala, LCSW
I had the pleasure of working with Emily for a a number of years as she honed her skills in psychotherapy, especially Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). She is well versed in applying these skills in the treatment of a number conditions including but not limited to, anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, and substance use. I find her very professional and caring. She will continue to be an excellent clinician as she facilitates growth and healing of patients she work with!
— Romulo A. Aromin, Jr., MD, FAPA

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